09 April 2013

AUSTIN / TECHNOLOGY : Rumor Becomes Reality; Google Offers Super Fast Fiber To Austin.

     This time an online rumor...proved TRUE!
     Austin will get Google Fiber.
     Roll-out for the capital intensive...and much sought after...internet and video service...may begin in mid-2014...according to a press conference held there today.
     In 2011...Austin was reportedly the runner-up to Kansas City, Kansas...in Google's nationwide search for a candidate city where it could build its first high speed fiber service.
     1,100 cities had applied to land Google Fiber.
     Google's service can reportedly deliver the internet 100 times faster than the current USA norm...at about 1 gigabit per second...in line with an advanced e-nation like South Korea...and some cities in Sweden and Japan.
     Presently...Austin is poorly served only by the Time Warner cable monopoly...and giant telecom ATT.
     Experts say Google needs about 25-30% penetration to break even in Austin.
     Most importantly...Google has the blessing and cooperation from the tech city's politicians...important for building-out the infrastructure on existing poles...keeping construction costs low.
     Google says it has not yet settled on pricing for Austin...but it would be similar to Kansas City's.
     In downtown Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas and some suburbs...the monthly cost is $70 for internet...and $120 for internet/video with a free Google tablet...and a 2-year package.
     Schools, libraries and government offices in selected 'fiberhoods' will get free service.
     The 2 Kansas Cities and suburbs were divided into 202 'fiberhoods.'
     'Fiberhoods' with the most committed customers...get the service first.
     Google has no current plans to offer Wi-Fi in Austin.
     Austin's mayor said the city offered Google NO financial incentives.