20 March 2013

USA / TECHNOLOGY: 24 Mar UPDATE: Google Reader Reappears! On Menu; Reader Loss Punishes Those Living Under Repression.

        After warning that its Reader would end on 01 July...Google suddenly disappeared the service from this user's pull-down menu.
        But on Sunday...it suddenly reappeared! 
        Que milagro!
       Along with it...was a new email composing feature...accompanied by an annoying and verbose tutorial.
       What was wrong with Google's old composition system?
       Nothing...except that Microsoft recently revamped and renamed its outdated Hotmail...as Outlook.
       As for the Reader...here are at least 10 petitions alive...asking Google CEO Larry Page to change his mind about its inclusion and deletion during his latest 'spring cleaning'.
        The biggest petition has over 142,000 signatures.
        Also...as Mashable points out...for many outside the USA...Reader is the internet...the only way to access banned material...while living under repressive regimes.
        But with this new early menu deletion...Page's answer to users everywhere is...tough! 
        The Reader is history! Get used to itAnd...Move on!
        One can only wonder what would happen at Google...if Microsoft decided to create its own version of Reader.
        Would Page recant his canning?
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