02 March 2013

MEXICO : Admitted Assassin, 13...Is Found Executed In Zacatecas.

       Among the bodies of 6 young people...4 females and 2 males...executed on the side of a Zacatecas road...police found the corpse of self-admitted 13-year old assassin...Jose Armando Moreno Leos.
     Moreno Leos was arrested 3 weeks ago...after admitting to participating in the murders of at least 10 people.
    He bragged about being an expert shot with high caliber weapons.
    Because of a law prohibiting anyone under 14 to be jailed...Moreno Leos was released.
    Young people...called ni-nis/having neither education nor work...are increasingly recruited as lookouts/halcones...and even hitmen/sicarios by narcos gangs.