07 March 2013

AUSTIN / FILM / MUSIC / TECHNOLOGY: 08 March UPDATE: Annual SXSW Tech, Music And Film Invasion Begins; Montevideo Bands Featured.

     Booming Austin is about to get a lot more crowded.
     The techies have already arrived for their annual interactive meet-up.
     They will shortly be followed by film fans...and then...hoards of music lovers.
     Locals have learned to stay away from center city, restaurants and clubs...and off the highways.
     The obvious choice has always been to flee the city during March.
     But...if you stay and venture out...there are always some free events...and possibly a few films worth waiting in the long lines for.
    Buzzfeed lists its 10 American films worth seeing.
    It's should be no surprise to regular visitors that this newsblog's editor prefers foreign films...and latin music.
    Again...this year there are few foreign films...but a surprising number of latin bands.
    Bands from Montevideo are SXSW's 2013 new flavor.