08 February 2013

BRASIL: 10 Feb UPDATE: 19 New Images; Carnaval Begins; Some Natives Flee Rio's Crowds; Recent Disco Deaths Cloud Some Samba Celebrations.

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     Carnaval...the annual 5-day exercise in pure hedonism that Brasil and Rio are famous for...began on Friday.
     King Momo (foto) got the symbolic key...and will pocket $10,000 for the 5th year.
     King Momo, 33...is a really a hefty Rio bank teller...who must hold court...and preside over dozens of events...especially the famous samba contest/parade of 12 schools.
     Rio itself will hold over 700 processions.
     Over 1.1 million tourists will attend carnavals in Rio, Recife, Salvador, Sao Paulo and other cities...that generate nearly $700 million.
    AND: Not all Brasileiros are enchanted with the annual carnaval celebration.
    Many natives escape the city...to avoid the crowds, noise and nuisances.
   ALSO: The recent deaths of 238 young adults in a Santa Maria disco fire clouds this year's carnaval.