04 January 2013

VENEZUELA / CUBA : Chavez Illness Hangs Over Inaugural, Transition.


       The 3rd inaugural of President Hugo Chavez...for another 6-year term...is scheduled for Thursday...10 January.
      Will he show up in Caracas for it?
       It now seems very doubtful.
       In La Habana...for the first time...VP Nicolas Maduro actually described Hugo's current condition in medical terms...besides 'delicate' and 'complicated.'
       Flanked by other top Venezuelan officials...Maduro announced that Chavez is suffering from 'respiratory failure'...and battling a 'severe' lung infection.
       But..there was no mention of treatment methods.
       Chavez has not been seen or heard from since his 11 December surgery in Cuba.
       So...what happens?
       CNN describes some of the possible scenarios...and complex legalities.