04 January 2013

FRANCE / RUSSIA : Actress Brigitte Bardot May Seek Moscow Citizenship.


     Multi-millionaire Gerard Depardieu may not be the only French actor seeking Russian citizenship.
     Aging former actress...and current animal rights activist...Brigitte Bardot says she is also exploring the possibility.
     Bardot, 78...is angry over plans by the Lyon zoo to euthanize 2x sick 42-year-old Indian elephants.
     She has even appealed to President Hollande to stop the killing of the former circus elephants...suspected of carrying tuberculosis.
    In the 1950-60's...Bardot was a worldwide cinema sex symbol.
    But she quit acting in the 1970's...to become a reclusive but outspoken animal activist.
    Bardot retired as wealthy woman...and has supported Depardieu's outspoken complaints about high French taxes.
      Meanwhile...some Russians are mocking a Depardieu letter made public on state TV...praising Russia's 'great democracy.'
      One Facebook user commented...'He is impressed by our democracy...he has completely lost his marbles.'