27 November 2012

HUNGARY: Demand By Jobbik Leader For List Of Jews...Outrages Many; CBank Expected To Cut Benchmark Again...to 6%,


      Calling some Jews 'national security risks' because of recent Israeli/Gaza troubles...far right Jobbik party MP Marton Gyongyosi...has outraged and scared some Jewish leaders... by asking the government to compile a list of Jews.
      Gyongyosi, 35...heads the Jobbik's foreign affairs group.
      More than 500,000 Hungarian Jews died during WW2's Holocaust.
      The ultra nationalist Jobbik's are Hungary's 3rd most popular party.
      Since gaining power in 2003...the Jobbik's have mainly attacked and abused Hungary's Roma people.
      PM Orban's office condemned the remarks.
     AND: In a still struggling Budapest...the central bank today is widely expected to cut its benchmark interest rate for the 4th month...by 25 bps...to 6%...as recession fears outweigh those of inflation.