08 October 2012

BRASIL :Rio Mayor Paes Re-Elected; Sao Paulo's Serra Faces Run-off.


      Rio's Mayo Eduardo Paes overwhelmingly won re-election...and will continue to oversee preparations there for Brasil's crucial 2016 Olympics.
     Paes finished well ahead...64.4%...of  left-wing challenger Marcelo Freixo.
     In Sao Paulo...Jose Serra was forced into a second round against Fernando Haddad.
     Newcomer former consumer rights champion...Celso Russomano...failed to make the cut.
     Across Brasil...more than 5,000 mayoral posts were decided...as a new clean records law went into effect.
     It bars people convicted of mostly major crimes from serving elected office for 8 years...including fraud, murder, drug trafficking, money laundering and sexual assault.
     The law is the first product of a grassroots reform effort...via internet and email.