11 October 2012

AUSTIN / USA / FRANCE : 13 Oct UPDATE: The Lance Armstrong Aftermath...What's Next? Former Fan Bitterly Comments; Austin Faithful React.


       Beleaguered cyclist Lance Armstrong is scheduled to appear in Austin this week...a few days after a new 202 page USADA report damned him...in great detail...for doping to win 7 Tour de France victories.
       Will he show?
       He has a house here...and in Aspen, Colorado.
      Also soon Livestrong...Armstrong's well respected cancer charity based in East Austin... celebrates an anniversary.
      Will the report's details damage the charity?
      And...will a loyal sponsor like Nike still stick with him...as these charges stick...and begin to stink?

      !!!NEWEST!!! Austin Reacts; unbelievably many still support Armstrong:

     NEW!!! Commentary...by Michael Specter... former faithful Lance defender confesses: '..sorry France, you were right all along. The guy's a creep.'

     TO READ: extensive report details: