30 July 2012

POLAND / USA : 31 July UPDATE : Another Gaffe After Romney Visits Tusk, Walesa In Gdansk.


     Presumed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney lauded Poland on the final day of his brief but blunder filled overseas tour.
     Of course...he praised Polish Pope JP2 and Ronald Reagan...and again warned about old  'geopolitical enemy'...Russia.
     But his PR guy crudely lashed out 2x at USA journalists...who had complained about access.
     Also...let's get the obvious out of the way.
     If regular visitors haven't figured it out by now...this news blog strongly supports the re-election of USA President Barack Obama.
    American politics are not usually covered here...because so many bloggers and news sites do it so well...and ad nauseam.
     Romney's visit to Poland gets coverage...because the editor has Polish relatives.
     Poland's trade movement Solidarity refused to support Mitt Romney...because of Mitt's staunch anti-union positions.
      Except for ex-Solidarity leader...and former president Lech Walesa.
      Now neocon Walesa delighted in supporting the conservative Republican.
      Romney also met with PM Donald Tusk in Gdansk.
      By visiting Poland...Romney is looking to stir-up old 'cold war' resentments against Russia...and win support among generally conservative Polish-American Catholics.
      But...Mitt Romney...as USA president...please!!!
      If that happens...God help the world!

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