28 July 2012

ECB / GERMANY / SPAIN / EUROZONE : 30 July UPDATE: Bundesbank Still Balks At Bond Bailout; New Analysis Of Mario Draghi.


      ECB President Mario Draghi will soon meet with conservative Bundesbank honcho Jan Weidmann to discuss Draghi's dramatic pledge in London 'to do whatever it takes' to protect the eurozone.
      The rate for Spain's 10 year bonds dropped from 7.62%...to 6.74%...after his bold declaration...and world markets rallied for 2 days.
      The Bundesbank now alone stands in the way of Draghi's plans to buy troubled sovereign debt on the primary market.
      It is the ECB's biggest shareholder.
      EU officials are floating a trial balloon about E300 billion to help Spain for the next year.
      The Bundesbank has even criticized German Chancellor Merkel's joint statement with French President Hollande to do everything to save the eurozone.

      NEW!!! Long Analysis about Mario Draghi and the central bankers: