16 May 2012

RUSSIA : 17 May UPDATE: Capital Flight From Moscow Continues; Police Break-up Occupy Moscow Camp...Detaining 23.; Detain 20 More At 2nd Park; Higher Fines For Protesters Planned.

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      Continuing protests...though smaller...and the rousting of occupy demonstrators is  only spurring capital flight from Russia.
      In just the first 4 months of 2012...$42 billion has fled Moscow...more than half of last year's total of $80.5 billion...which was second highest since records began in 1994.

      Early Wednesday morning...President Vlad Putin's police finally moved on Moscow's Occupy camp...forcing dozens to leave Chistiye Prudy park...and detaining 23 of an estimated 100  camped there for over a week.
      Some campers then moved to another park...Kudrinskaya Square...near the zoo...but police rousted them from it also...detaining about 20.
      A few moved again to Barrikadnaya near the USA embassy...and more arrests followed.
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