16 May 2012

UKRAINE / EU: PM Azarov Allows Experts To Assess Yulia's Health But Dismisses Boycott Threats.


      In the very heart of the EU...PM Mykola Azarov continued to dismiss the West's concerns about Kyiv's treatment of ex-PM Yulia Tymoshenko.
     Azarov told officials in Brussels that their worries were misguided and unwanted.
     But...he agreed to allow an EU monitor for her appeal hearing...and to permit medical experts to assess her health.
     Yet...Azarov also criticized the EU for its Euro Cup boycott threats...and interference in internal affairs. 

     "It is in vogue these days to criticize Ukraine, and to let rip short-term emotions and long-held stereotypes. The image of Cato the Elder, the Roman commander, and his famous bywords 'Carthage must be destroyed' come readily to mind," Azarov said.  "It is no secret that the current state of Ukraine's relations with the EU is far from the best it can be. The very wide spectrum of our previous relations has narrowed to become hostage to just one sole issue. This is both counter-productive and short-sighted."