15 April 2012

SPAIN : 20 April UPDATE: King Juan Carlos Apologizes For Luxe Botswana Elephant Hunt...But No Abdication.

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       Critics and the media took aim on King Juan Carlos...after his recent expensive big game hunting trip to Botswana...but the big guns only wounded their quarry.
      Opposing politicians had demanded that he abdicate the throne...because of his extravagant lifestyle...and the palace's murky financial accounts.
      While many suffer 30% wage and budget cuts...the royals will feel only a 2% decrease.
      But all they got was the king's apology...and his promise not to do it again.
      More than 85,000 online signatures called for his abdication.
     King Juan Carlos, 74...enjoyed a brief but deluxe...$60,000...elephant hunting trip to Botswana...perhaps even paid for by an Arab businessman.
     His trip would have gone unnoticed...if not for an accident that required surgery for an artificial hip...also an expensive operation.
     Ironically...Juan Carlos is also honorary president of Spain's chapter of the World Wildlife Fund.
     It's not the first case of insensitivity in the eurozone's beleaguered Club Med region by its ruling elites. 
      With new austerity measures...the highest unemployment in decades...and pleas for bail-outs...leaders go on like nothing is amiss...seemingly tone deaf to the pain all around them.
     The largely ceremonial president of Portugal (foto)... also recently complained about 'unfair' adjustments to his 10,000 euro...monthly...pension.
    Small protests broke-out.
    President Cavaco ended-up apologizing for his remarks.
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