10 April 2012

PERU: 15 April UPDATE: All 36 Hostages Released After Troops Surround Shining Path Kidnappers And Captives.

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      After 6 days...36 hostages have been released...after the army surrounded the narco rebels and forced their retreat.
      No ransom was paid.
      During the massive search for the 36 captives...an officer was killed...and 2 injured in an attack on a helicopter...while 1,500 troops searched for workers kidnapped by a small band of 'Shining Path' narco rebels.
        Peru had declared a 60 day 'state of emergency' in the Echarate district of Cuzco province where Peruvian workers with Sweden's Skanska construction company were kidnapped.
       The alleged 'Shining Path' guerrillas...had captured the native workers from Peru's important Camisea nat gas pipeline...and demanded a $10 million ransom...explosives and weapons for their release.