01 April 2012

MEXICO / BRASIL : Presidential Election Campaign Begins; Eike And Son Plead Case On Twitter.

      NYTIMES/ No Direct Links

       NYT's Damien Cave briefly profiles the 3 leading candidates running for president on 1 July...as the short 3 month window opens for electioneering.
      Cave writes that they are called: 'The Pretty Boy' (Pena Nieto)...the 'Quinceanera Doll'
(Vasquez Mota)...and the 'Tired Has Been' (Lopez Obrador).
      Here instead is a link to the WSJ's presidential campaign start coverage by D. Luhnow:
    ALSO:  Simon Romero has more juicy details about the death of a poor bike rider Wanderson, 30...recently run down near Rio...by the son of Brasil's $30 billion man...Eike Batista.
     Because of a new stricter paywall...this blog no longer provides free links to the NYT.
     Supposedly, there are ways around the wall...by entering the reporter's name in GOOGLE's News search.
    Here is a link to a SHORTER...less gossipy...version of the NYT Batista story.