01 April 2012

ARGENTINA / UK : 'La Presidenta' Cristina Fernandez...Picks A Fight With London; New Reports Of YPF Takeover.

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     Is Presidenta Cristina Fernandez losing her way...after the death of husband and closest confidant Nestor Kirchner? 
    The woman...some critics sneeringly call the "Botox Evita"...may be trying to prove her own abilities in the recent uproar with the UK over the Malvinas islands...and raising false expectations.
    The WSJ reports that Cristina is seen as having 'starved' the military...and is unpopular among them...viewed as a 'pacifist.'
     Her popularity has fallen by 15% since December when she was sworn in for a 2nd term...with the economy faltering...as China's demand for grains recede.

  AND:  There are new reports that Cristina will renationalize or somehow intervene with YPF...Argentina's biggest oil producer...and force it to boost production...as fuel shortages continue to plague her nation.