10 April 2012

CUBA : Pandora's Box Is Ajar...With Cell Phones And Twitter.


      Dissidents say Raul Castro...in his rush to get foreign remittances...may have opened Pandora's Box...by allowing mobile phones...and especially prepaid cellphone use by dissidents.
     Foreigners can add time to Cuban accounts from abroad because of several deals...with companies like Ireland's Ezetop.
     "If Raúl had known what a Pandora's box he was opening with this, he would have never allowed a Cuban to own a cellphone to begin with," says prominent dissident Yoani Sanchez.
      Using Cuba's internet is expensive...$10 usd per hour...with monthly wages only $20 usd.
      But the  11 million island...now has over 1 million cellphone users.