27 March 2012

VENEZUELA : Polling Confusion; Opponent Capriles Close In One; Trails Chavez By 13 In Another.


      Polling is not really exact science.
      So...it's really no surprise that 2 new polls give different results.
      A Consultores poll has President Chavez's young opponent...governor Henrique Capriles with 45%...trailing Chavez by only 1%.
        Capriles told AP :"Personally, I believe in Consultores. I've been looking at Consultores' polls for many years."
      A Chavez ally remarked that the Consultores poll must have been carried out in a fancy restaurant.
      But...another firm...Datanalisis...found 44% favored Chavez...with only 31% for Capriles...with rest were undecided. 
      Chavez, 57...is still undergoing more cancer radiation therapy in La Habana....and may return to Caracas on Thursday.