12 January 2012

RUSSIA: Countryside Slowly Getting Ready For Real Change.

                             NPR/D.GREENE/ 7:10 audio/with transcript

     As previously mentioned...the number of visitors to this news blog from Russia...has surged in the past few months.
    Daily it often trails only the USA in page views.
    With that in mind...here's a report by former NPR Moscow correspondent David Greene...of his impressions after a recent trip across Russia...via the Trans-Siberian Express.
     NPR: "That pace (for change) is slow, but the momentum is growing. Yekaterina Stepanova is a professor of philosophy and law in Yekaterinburg, the closest city to Sagra. People out in Russia's far-flung regions, she says, are unlikely to join a large-scale movement to oust a government. But Russia as it's governed today isn't sustainable."