05 December 2011

URUGUAY / VENEZUELA : Tempest Over A Top; Mujica Attacked For Wearing Venezuelan Army Jacket At CELAC Meet.


     Former rebel...and now President Jose Mujica, 76...is under attack for wearing a Venezuelan military uniform during the inaugural 2-day CELAC regional meeting in Caracas.
    A leader of an opposition party called it ‘disgraceful’.
   “The president of all the Uruguayans disguised with the uniform of Venezuelan military, pitiful. Must we keep quiet? certainly not, it’s shameful”.
    “Mujica refuses to wear a tie but admits to dressing up as a Venezuelan military? Shame for Uruguay”, chimed in an opposition senator.
      Mujica's Foreign Minister Luis Almagro came to the president's defense.
     “The president didn’t take much clothing for a brief trip and he was feeling cold so they lent him the jacket. There’s nothing wrong with protocol or nothing to be concerned about”, he said.