25 December 2011

TEXAS: 26 Dec UPDATE : Hackers Claim Austin-Based Stratfor Security Was Attacked; Client Credit Cards May Have Been Used To Donate Money.

                                      LINK CHANGE/ AUSTIN A/S

      Anonymous hackers claim they have stolen emails and credit card information from Austin, Texas based security firm Stratfor's clients.
     They vowed more attacks.
     Hackers tweeted some of what they said was Stratfor's private client list.
     The list includes USA's Defense Department, Army, Air Force, Apple, Microsoft, law enforcement agencies and security contractors.
     "Anonymous hacks and discredits @STRATFOR intelligence company," wrote a Twitter.
     "Maybe they should learn what encryption is."
     Another hacker claimed over 90,000 credit cards from law enforcement, journalists and the intelligence community were stolen and some used to 'donate' "over a million dollars".