12 November 2011

ITALY / OPINION : Ciao Silvio? Dubbio...Doubtful!

                                        TELEGRAPH/ OPINION/ N.SQUIRES

     Departing Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi is a public figure...this news blog loves to hate.
     The man we call the "ever-randy anciano loathe-ario" finally leaves his proud nation after 17 years of bankrupt economic development...and a current nearly bankrupting bond rate.
     Not to mention his bankrupt personal moral values.
     But will he disappear from the scene?
      "Berlusconi-ism is finished, as is the Berlusconi government, but Berlusconi himself is not," L'Espresso said.
     "He's still got his media empire, and a vast army of people who are absolutely committed to him and will do all they can to protect him. I don't think we've seen the last of him by any means," says an observer.

  AND: Crowds in Roma cheered Berlusconi's departure. Hundreds shouted :"Clown! Clown! Clown!" at his motorcade. Others called out "Resign!" to ministers.

  FINALLY: Here's a peppy and funny 3:23 German music video...with a good beat...saluting/mocking Silvio's infamous Bunga-Bunga parties.