24 October 2011

ARGENTINA: Cristina's Landslide Re-Election; Brushes Aside Term Limits Change.


     President Cristina Fernandez, 58, easily won her re-election bid for 4 more years...with 54% of the vote.
     She urged Argentines to join in “national unity” and brushed aside rumors that her followers would try to amend the constitution for an “indefinite re-election”.
    Her party may have regained enough seats to control congress...control that it lost in 2009.
    CFK won the largest share of votes since democracy was restored in 1983.
    Argentina is riding spectacular 9% GDP growth and low unemployment...while  suffering from annual 25-30% inflation.
    Cristina's critics decry some of her disturbing authoritarian tendencies...media sanctions and punishing economists.