22 April 2013

VENEZUELA : 23 April UPDATE: President Maduro Slightly Shuffles Cabinet; CBank Head Merentes Is New FinMin...Again.

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         Newly sworn-in President Nicolas Maduro named current CBank chief...Nelson Merentes...as new Finance Minister.
        This is mathematician Merentes' 3rd stint as FinMin.
       He replaces staunch and austere Marxist academic Jorge Giordani...aka...El Monje/The Monk...who has overseen the economy since 2008.
       For years...Venezuela has suffered persistent high inflation...often over 20%...and  currency controls.
       Giordani remains in the economic cabinet as Planning Minister.
       Maduro reconfirmed the oil, defense, and foreign affairs ministers.
      A new Interior Minister was also named...as well as a controversial new Sports Minister...Alejandra Benitez...who has been seen nearly nude in a recent magazine.

          Benitez is a fencer who represented Venezuela in 3 Olympics.