21 April 2013

PARAGUAY / BRASIL : 24 April UPDATE: Conservative Cartes Wins Presidency; Narco Business Booms On The Border; Historical Analysis Of Colorado Party.

       Conservative Colorado Party candidate...millionaire novice politician Horacio Cartes, 56...won Sunday's presidential election.
      His powerful Colorado Party controlled Paraguay for 61 years.
      Cartes defeated 50-year-old lawyer Liberal Party Efrain Alegre by 9%...even after Cartes was labelled a homophobe...and accused of tax evasion, currency fraud and having narco connections.
      Cartes has interests in 25 companies.
      The only leftist candidate...former army chief Lino Oviedo died in February in a helicopter crash.
      Cartes replaces interim President Federico Franco.
      Franco took office after former Catholic Bishop and leftist President Fernando Lugo...was forced out by impeachment in just 48 hours in June 2012...following a deadly riot over land ownership that killed 17...including 6 police.
      Leftist Latin American leaders called Lugo's ouster...a congressional golpe.

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