09 April 2013

SERBIA : 11 April UPDATE: Wounded Gunman Dies; He Murdered 13 Neighbors And Relatives In Velika Ivanca.

       New Details/Foto Only

     The man...Ljubisa Bogdanovic, 60...who went on an early morning rampage...shooting and killing 6 men, 6 women and a even 2-year-old boy in the small village of Velika Ivanca...located 50 kms/30 miles southeast of Beograd...has died from his self-inflicted wounds.
     The dead were his neighbors and relatives...including his own son and mother.
     He was a war veteran without a criminal record...and described as quiet...'and a good neighbor.'

     He shot himself and his wife when police confronted him.
     His wife is now listed in 'stable condition.'
     Serbia declared a national day of mourning...after its worst massacre in 2 decades.