06 April 2013

AUSTIN / TECHNOLOGY : 08 April UPDATE: Rumors Claim Super Fast Google Fiber Headed For Austin.


    The rumor continues...that Google will unleash...and install its formidable super fast fiber cable...in Austin.
     Austin's city hall has announced a Tuesday press conference with Google.
     The high tech city is currently poorly served by Time Warner cable...and ATT.
     If true...it means that Google's 100 times faster fiber...will eventually be serving the Silicon Hills.
     Lately...this newsblog has become disenchanted with Google...annoyed by massive daily spambot spider attacks that distort page vews, continued Blogger neglect, ongoing Chrome wifi problems...and the sudden demise of the Reader.
     Getting super fast Google Fiber would soothe and smooth-out a couple of those ills.
     Currently...Google Fiber is building its system only in Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas.
     But the slow roll-out there has been criticized.
     Internet service alone is estimated to cost $70 per month; internet plus cable would cost $120 monthly.