27 March 2013

SWEDEN / USA : Google Bars Swedes Use Of Term 'Ungooglebar'; How About 'Ungooglereliable'?

     What is going on at Google?
     After years of savvy PR that successfully portrayed it as a 'doing no evil' tech giant unlike competitor Microsoft...the firm image's lately has been getting uglier...and nastier...even as its stock price soared.
     It suddenly announced the quick July death of its popular Reader.
     There are ongoing fears and charges in the EU over privacy...and even tax avoidance.
     Now...its honchos are even at war with Swedish language experts over including the word 'ungooglebar'...in the lexicon.
     In Swedish...it would simply mean...unable to find something during a web search.
     Google insists including the word dilutes its trademark.
     The academics gave-up.
      On a personal note...despite countless pleas to Google's Blogspot workers...this newsblog is attacked daily with spambot visits that distort page view numbers...and even the 'Popular Posts' top 10 list.
      Spambots make page view numbers suspect...and not worth a damn.
      The stats might be called...ungooglereliable!