14 March 2013

ARGENTINA : 15 Mar UPDATE: Alegria! Portenos Celebrate Their New Pope; Cristina Restrained After Tense Past Conflicts; Vatican Denies 'Dirty War' Allegations.

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    AND: TO READ: Resurrection of "Dirty War" allegations from the 1978-83 military dictatorship cloud Argentina's alegria about their new Pope.
    2 Jesuits were murdered...and Bergoglio at first refused to testify...and then was reportedly 'evasive.'

   NEW!!! TO READ ALSO: Veteran LatAm reporter Jon Lee Anderson.
       ALSO: TO READ: Cardinal Bergoglio had a 'tense' relationship with President Cristina Fernandez and her now deceased husband President Nestor Kirchner. For years...they clashed over same sex marriage, gay adoption, free contraceptives, artificial insemination, homosexuality and abortion. But they do agree about loving football and the tango.
     Fernandez sent a restrained letter of congrats to the Pope...but reportedly will attend his first mass.