06 January 2013

VENEZUELA / CUBA : 08 Jan UPDATE: Virtual Swearing-in And Rally Set; Catholic Church Says Chavez Must Attend Thursday Inaugural To Stay In Power; VP Maduro Claims New Election Would Be 'Coup'.

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       The Catholic Church added its voice to the debate over President Hugo Chavez's claim to power...if he doesn't show-up for a Thursday inaugural.
       Its representative called such a claim to his continued power 'morally unacceptable'.
       The Chavistas...followers of seriously ill President Hugo Chavez currently hospitalized in La Habana...insist that Chavez retains power and control...whether or not he shows up for his 10 January inaugural in Caracas.
        They are calling for a major rally on inaugural day...along with the support of some foreign heads of state...in a 'virtual' swearing-in.
        Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez has confirmed her appearance...and Uruguay's Pepe Mujica may also attend.
      VP Nicolas Maduro also claims forcing a new election if Chavez missed the Thursday ceremony...would be a coup.
      Maduro believes the opposition is distorting the constitution by clamoring for a new election 30 days after an inaugural no-show.
      Not surprisingly...Maduro's wife...Attorney General Cilia Flores...declares the swearing-in can occur later.
      Maduro wants to freeze the clock...and argues that Chavez can be sworn into office anywhere...and anytime.
      However...at least one Supreme Court justice disagrees with Maduro...and says Chavez must get his oath in Venezuela.
     But most of the other judges are Chavez appointees.
     Chavez loyalist Diosdado Cabello was re-elected president of the National Assembly... and must decide whether Hugo's absence is temporary or permanent.
    He will also take over temporarily...until the election issue is resolved.
    However...Chavez has been given a 90 days 'leave'...and is eligible for another 90 days.
    Chavez has not been seen or heard from since his 4th cancer surgery on 11 December.
    Rumors from Cuba persist that he's is in a coma...suffering severe respiratory problems.