23 January 2013

MEXICO / AZERBAIJAN : 26 Jan UPDATE: Controversial Azeri Statue Moved To Seedy Warehouse; Baku Is Still Upset.

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     A controversial statue of dead Azerbaijan dictator...Heydar Aliyev...located for less than a year in a major DF park...has been moved...announced Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Macera.
     Human rights activists have objected to the large statue since August...because of Aliyev's repressive regime.
     Oil rich Azerbaijan has threatened to end investing in Mexico.
     It has spent at least $4 billion there.
    The Azeris paid $5 million to upgrade Chapultepec park...on the DF's major avenue...the Reforma.
    Baku claims it had an agreement for the statue remain in the park...for 99 years.
    The statue was reportedly taken to a warehouse located in an unfashionable neighborhood.