09 January 2013

AUSTIN / USA / FRANCE / MEDIA : Disgraced Lance Armstrong May Confess To Doping During Oprah Interview.


      Next Thursday...disgraced Tour de France cyclist Lance Armstrong...after years of denials...may reportedly confess to...and perhaps beg forgiveness for ..his decade of doping and cheating...during a 90 minute interview with Oprah Winfrey...conducted from his Austin home.
     In Austin and in the USA...there has been increased speculation about Armstrong's change of heart over admitted doping...especially after the NYTimes reported the rumor on  o4 January. 
     The special episode of 'Oprah's Next Chapter' will air on 17 January on OWN...her struggling cable network...and also be streamed online.
     It is being touted by her office...as 'no holds barred.'
     There's also a new allegation that an Armstrong rep once offered a $250,000 payment to the anti-doping agency.