27 December 2012

TEXAS / EUROZONE / GERMANY / GREECE : Economist Warns Of New Severe Austerity Violence;FinMin Schaeuble Claims Worst Of Debt Crisis Is Over.


        Left leaning University of Texas/Austin economist James Galbraith is warning of 'an explosion of violence' in Europe...especially Greece and perhaps Spain...because of the euro crisis and continued recession.
       Many nations have already witnessed massive rallies and marches...but Galbraith fears they will only grow in severity.
       Galbraith told a German media outlet:'...when the violence starts in an advanced, in a developed country, it moves quickly and the fractures are not clean. And I can assure you that if you talk to people in certain parts of Europe, and Greece...you can already hear the anxieties that you could have heard in Yugoslavia the early 1990's.'
   AND: German FinMin Schaeuble claims 'the worst is past'...in the euro crisis.