29 December 2012

RUSSIA / CZECH REP : 30 Dec UPDATE: Probe Begins Of Moscow Plane Crash That Killed 5, Injured 3.

         IST LINK CHANGE/ New Details...with 2:20 accident video...after ad.

      A probe has begun into the plane crash that killed 5 crew members...and injured 3 more ...during a landing at Moscow's Vnukovo airport.
      The jet ran off the runway...and nearly into a busy major highway.
      Experts are now blaming faulty brakes.
     The twin engine Russian-built Tupolov 204...flown by low cost airline Red Wings...was arriving with a crew of 8 from Pardubice in the Czech Republic...when it slid off the runway.
    Struggling Red Wings airline is owned by prominent Putin opponent...billionaire Alexander Lebedev.