28 December 2012

ITALY : Silvio's Ex Settles For $48 Million...Per Year!


     It boggles the mind.
     Former PM Silvio Berlusconi's second ex wife has agreed to a divorce settlement of 100,000 euros/$132,000 per day...or 36 million euros/$48 million annually!
     Former actress Veronica Lario, 56...left the randy but anciano premier in 2009 after a sex scandal.
     They married in 1990.
     An Italian newspaper claims her opening demand was...$56 million yearly...and that he countered with only $5mn.
    Forbes estimated Berlusconi's wealth at $6 billion in March 2012...but it has declined since then.
    They are the parents of 3 children.
    But slippery Silvio gets to keep the $100+ million Villa Macherio...outside Milano... where Lario has been living for over 20 years.