24 December 2012

AUSTIN / UK: Murdoch London Paper Sues Lance Armstrong To Recoup $1.6 Million From Libel Payout.


     The bad news keeps rolling in for disgraced cyclist...and sometimes Austin resident... Lance Armstrong.
     The London Times is suing him...to recoup 300,000 pounds it paid to him in 2006...in a libel suit Armstrong brought there and won against the Rupert Murdoch owned paper.
      The paper is seeking the original sum plus interest...now well over $1.6 million.
      Back then...The Times had reprinted claims from a book...that Armstrong, 41...had taken performance enhancing drugs.
      Since then...Armstrong has had his 7 Tour de France titles stripped away...been banned from future sanctioned competitions...and lost up to $40 million in future sponsor endorsements.