20 November 2012

RUSSIA / USA / UK : Is BP Ripe For Takeover...Or Break-up?

     Especially for barrelheads and energy speculators.

    This excellent longish report details how BP is now the cheapest of the 5 non-state oil giants...at just $7.07 per bbl...and seems ripe for picking.
    But will business friendly Cameron's UK let it slip away?
    Also...it's new closely entwined relationship with Russia's Rosneft...makes it very problematic.
    Plus...the 103 year old company is still awaiting civil claims and may face penalties as high as $20 billion for its 2010 Gulf disaster.
    Experienced Russia hand...CEO Bob Dudley (foto) won't let BP disappear without a good fight.
    Still some foresee a logical merger with Shell...or even Exxon.
    Because BP has many valuable assets in the Gulf, Angola, Azerbaijan and the North Sea.