03 November 2012

AUSTIN / POLAND / CINEMA : 7th Polish Film Fest Begins.


      This newsblog's editor is a rabid cinema fan...especially enthusiastic about films from Eastern, Central and Western Europe, Russia, and of course...Latin America.
     Preferred viewing is always at home...with subtitles on...to polish rusty foreign language skills.
     And...coming from Polish/German ancestry...sampling the latest visual arts from Poland is delightful and culturally important.
     Thus...this year's 7th Polish Film Festival here is a gift...since it features some of the best films from the recent Gdynia Film Festival...and concentrates on young directors.
     Movies featured are '80 Million'...directed by Waldemar Krzystek; W. Smarzowski's 'Roza'; and 'Wymyk'...from director G. Zglinski.
     Anne Lewis summarizes the titles being featured in Austin... thru 04 November.