07 October 2012

VENEZUELA / USA : Expats Angry At American...For Plane Groundings; New Orleans Holds Only Expat Voting.

     Today's presidential election in Venezuela could be pivotal..as a young attractive challenger has finally emerged to unify the opposition against the 14 years of Hugo Chavez's socialismo rule.
     But...American Airlines cancelled at least 3 flights to Caracas Thursday...because of faulty seating...angering many loyal expats...who needed to fly to Venezuela to cast their votes.
     Venezuela did not provide any absentee voting...and in person voting was allowed...only in New Orleans.
     Thousands from Miami bused and car pooled to New Orleans.
     Flights to Venezuela had been sold out for weeks...with some tickets from NYC being sold for as much as $3,000.
     The troubled airline...already in Chapter 11...and allegedly suffering from pilot slow downs...has now also angered many valuable Latin American consumers.
    Many industry critics observe that management has taken American Airlines...from 'first to worst.'
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