23 October 2012

USA / POLITICS : ANALYSIS: Romney Rope-A-Dopes With Obama In Foreign Policy Debate.

      ANALYSIS...John Dickerson, SLATE/CBS NEWS

     For the many foreign visitors to this news blog...here is opinion/analysis of last night's 3rd USA presidential debate...from one of the sharpest media analysts...John Dickerson.

    "Mitt Romney brought a knife to a gunfight. 
     A butter knife. 
     In the third and final presidential debate, focused on national security and foreign policy, the Republican challenger seemed to be living by the Hippocratic oath: Do no harm.      
     In this case that meant a mostly passive, heavy-on-agreement discussion with his opponent the commander in chief. 
     President Obama, by contrast, was on the attack, repeatedly calling Romney reckless and looking every bit like the politician who thinks he's behind in the race.
     President Obama won the third debate, articulating his policies more forcefully, offering more detail and a coherent foreign policy rationale. Romney generally presented bromides and talking points in a style that was at times tentative."