14 October 2012

BRASIL / USA / JAPAN : FinMin Mantega Blasts Bernanke Money Policies...As 'Selfish.'


     The world's monetary bigwigs are meeting in Japan to discuss economic policies.
     There...USA Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke defended his Cbank's continuing loose monetary policies...the latest being QE3.
     His policies have been criticized by Russia, China and especially Brasil.
     Brasil FinMin Guido Mantega called the USA stimulus measures...'selfish'...because he says they unfairly raise developing countries currencies.
     Some critics call Bernanke "helicopter Ben'...because he is showering the USA and the globe with cheap dollars...creating historic low interest rates.
    Even ruder critics say Bernanke is acting as a pimp for the USA's stock markets.
    The USA's S/P Index is up 14% YTD.