18 September 2012

USA POLITICS : 2 Romney Donor Videos Air; 'Mitt Hits The Fan'; Randy Newman Sings About His White President Dream.


    Much of the fun creating this blog daily...is writing headlines for the posts.
    Today's, though...'Mitt Hits The Fan'...comes courtesy of that clever tabloid...the NY Daily News...
    For the many foreign visitors to this blog...it's a play off the cliche...'When the s##t hits the fan.'
    And...then there's...'It's a Mitt Storm!'
    A leftist magazine released 2 secretly recorded Mitt Romney videos...that insulted many (47%) Americans about not paying income taxes...the retired, students, veterans, Latinos... and also a foreign affairs gaffe about the Palestinians lack of desire for peace.
     Said to be especially damaging...was Romney telling wealthy donors in Florida: 'My job is not to worry about those people.'
    Calling the 47% 'victims' was seen as highly insulting and newsworthy.
    Romney also may have insulted Hispanic voters...claiming he would have a better chance to be president...if he had been born to Mexican parents. 
      ANALYSIS :

     AND: TO Watch: 3:17 VIDEO: Randy Newman sings a sarcastic new tune... 'I'm Dreaming of a White President.'