09 September 2012

SPAIN : 10 Sept UPDATE: Penelope Cruz Denies Plans To Produce 2 Movies Yearly In Spain.

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     Was an interview with glamorous actress Penelope Cruz...lost in translation?      Complaining she was badly misquoted by an Italian newspaper...actress Penelope Cruz denies she said she will produce at least 2 movies yearly in Spain.
     La Stampa reported that Cruz wants '...to bring jobs to my people...I'll use my privileged position. It's what interests me most right now. I know it's a grain of sand in the desert but it's a responsibility I think I have.'
    She reportedly added that she is in 'total disagreement' with the many new austerity policies of conservative PM Rajoy...and that his policies have been'....wrongheaded and are creating more and more desperation.'
    Cruz now says 'the crisis is too serious a matter to allow my words to be misinterpreted or manipulated.'