25 September 2012

SPAIN / EUROZONE: 26 Sept UPDATE: Austerity Protest Surrounding Madrid's Parliament...Turns Violent; 38 Arrests, 64 Injured; Clash VIDEO.


     Yesterday...an estimated 6,000 thousand protesters played ring around the parliament... surrounding the building in Madrid...in an action they called 'Occupy Congress.'
     They protested the 'kidnapping of democracy'...following many recent austerity measures...and continued high unemployment near 25%.
      More than 1,500 police were called up to protect the legislators.
      The police were seen using batons to beat back sometimes unruly protesters.
      At least 38 were detained...64 injured...including 27 police.
     It is against Spanish law...punishable for up to one year...to disrupt parliamentary business.
      TO WATCH : 1:20 Video Report with excellent clash video.