24 September 2012

RUSSIA : Economist Says $100 Bbl Oil Crucial To Putin's Survival.


      Russian economist Sergei Guriev believes the only real threat to  President Vlad Putin's...would occur if the price of Brent oil drops below $100 bbl. for a lengthy period.
      Oil is Russia's main export commodity.
      Political problems could arise quickly if the price sank...and Putin failed to lessen corruption.
      "We all lived through the Soviet Union - which was forever until it was no more...These systems change very quickly," Guriev said.
       "The regime may fall apart overnight, and in a way that we don't know. It may be in a peaceful way, it may be in a bloody way," he added.
        Guriev has been linked to PM Medvedev...and also to anti-corruption blogger Navalny.