04 September 2012

COLOMBIA : 'Queen Of Cocaine' Blanco Assassinated In Medellin.


      Griselda Blanco...aka...'The Godmother' and 'Queen of Cocaine'...was fatally shot in the head 2x outside a Medellin butcher shop...by 2 men on a moto.
     Ironically...murder by moto...was a method of assassination she introduced to the brutal narco world.
     In the 1970's...she pioneered smuggling vast amounts of coke into the USA from Colombia...sending up to 1.5 tons there daily.
     It is said that she introduced the notorious brutal thug Pablo Escobar to the coke smuggling business.
     She was arrested and convicted in Miami in 1985...and released in 2004.
    Blanco, 69 had reportedly kept a low profile and lifestyle since returning to Colombia.