29 September 2012

ARGENTINA / USA : 01 Oct UPDATE: Cristina's Popularity Drops Again; Gets Testy Over Press Treatment With Harvard Students.

     New factoid only!

     REUTERS reports that President Cristina Fernandez's popularity has dropped again...to 24.3% approval...from an already miserable 30%.
     Recently in the USA to attend the UN...President Cristina Fernandez...spoke and even answered some questions from 700 students, faculty and guests in Boston at Harvard.
     It was a rare event for Cristina...who has held only 5 news conferences in her 5 years in power...and few with any questions answered.
     She denied she doesn't speak to the press.
     "I don't know where this comes from that I don't talk, that I can't speak, that I'm mute," she said in Spanish.
      There were questions about her controversial currency controls...and rampant inflation.
      The IMF has issued a 17 December deadline for more accurate inflation stats...calling its warning a 'yellow card'.
      Fernandez has objected to the use of football terminology
     "My country is not a soccer club. It is a sovereign nation that makes its decisions sovereignly and will not be subjected to any pressure, let alone to any threat," she said.
      Moody Ratings also recently downgraded 30 Argentine banks...to 'negative' from 'stable.'