18 August 2012

UZBEKISTAN: 23 Aug UPDATE: GooGoosha Responds To Critics; Ruthless Dictator's Daughter Seeks Fame With Pop Career.

                   NEW LINK UPDATE:

     Wannabe pop singer Googoosha is striking back at her western critics.
     The 40-year-old daughter of Uzbek dictator Islam Karimov...had her feelings hurt.
     Gulnara Karimova...stage name of GooGoosha...was dreaming and scheming of becoming Central Asia's version of Madonna...or maybe even bigger.
      That...despite the fact that her father has literally boiled many opponents to death...since 1990.
      GooGoosha released her first album in English...but it was panned.
      The mother of 2 already tried...and failed...to gain elusive fame as a jewelry and clothing designer.
      Leaked USA cables once claimed GooGoosha 'remains the single most hated person in the country.'